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    Corporate Responsibility

    Dedicated to improving the future

    APC believes in giving back to our local communities, investing in ourselves and our incredible team, and ensuring we do our part to promote a healthy global environment. Our company’s longstanding success—more than 120 years and growing—is due in large part to this philosophy. It has inspired our philanthropy, guided our technical upgrades and team development, and fueled innovations in materials and processes.


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    Jeff Koch

    I look back at 2023 with pride regarding American Packaging Corporation’s (APC) accomplishments and I also look forward with great optimism as we move into 2024. With strategic determination and mindful purpose, we are building an ever more capable and service-oriented company with the goal of being the best partner to our employees, customers, suppliers and communities. APC’s core values—Entrepreneurial Spirit, Respect, Community, Integrity and Innovation—are reflected in our company goals, strategic initiatives, and daily responsibilities, as we focus on being the preferred choice in flexible packaging and delivering the highest value in the industry.

    At the beginning of 2024, APC’s leadership implemented a carefully planned succession transition: Peter Schottland became Executive Chairman of the Board, I became CEO, and Ray Graham became President of APC. Upon my retirement at the end of 2024, Ray will become President and CEO. Our collective commitment and leadership guiding this company remains unchanged and unwavering, as each of us moves into new roles that will steer APC towards an even brighter future.

    Our priority and first commitment will always remain the safety, health, career, and corporate culture experience of our APC team members. We work every day to be the “employer of choice” to our APC family members, providing a positive and safe work environment filled with opportunities to make meaningful contributions towards the company’s success and their individual success. We developed a motto—Good Job / Great Life—highlighting that our employees can enjoy a job and a career path that will provide the opportunity to comfortably support their families’ daily needs and a future retirement.

    Protecting and enhancing our local and world communities is paramount for every company and every human being. APC continues to step up to that responsibility, elevating our efforts each year by focusing on three pillars of our commitment: social, economic and environmental responsibility.

    Social Responsibility APC brings forward problem-solving ideas, resources, and volunteers to address challenges in our communities – locally, nationally, and globally. This includes many philanthropic investments, like our support of The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, an organization especially dear to APC. The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp helps seriously ill children, and their families heal through enriching camp experiences tailored to their medical needs. We foster a greater sense of purpose among our APC family by promoting meaningful ways to contribute to the communities in which we work and live. By providing a platform for our employees to advocate for their charitable passions, we cultivate deeper relationships inside and outside of APC, positively impacting the lives of many.

    Economic Responsibility We know that economic responsibility is vital to our business and our employees, customers, and suppliers. APC has an unmatched history of strategic investment in greenfield manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, innovative technologies, and the best human talent. Because of that commitment, we can drive profitable sales growth at a rate typically twice the industry average. For our customers, this economic responsibility means APC is a solid financial supplier capable of supporting their needs as part of a long-term partnership.

    Environmental Responsibility APC’s environmental stewardship is embedded in our culture and our business strategy. It’s core to our corporate mission, our operational capabilities, and our product management strategy, including the end-to-end life cycle of the supplies we procure, the production and waste-minimization methods we use, sustainable packaging technologies we develop and downstream programs we support. In 2023, APC’s extensive line of RE™ sustainable packaging products delivered another award-winning technology, recognized by the Flexible Packaging Association for Sustainable Excellence in Packaging – we’re incredibly pleased to bring forward more sustainable packaging options that serve our customers, their consumers, and the environment. We also opened our sixth Center of Excellence in Cedar City, Utah, another state-of-the-art greenfield facility, built with world class automation and energy efficient infrastructure, demonstrating our commitment to the environment and our collective well-being.

    We continue to elevate our company performance each year, invest in more sustainable products and capabilities, and contribute more to our communities. American Packaging Corporation is stronger and more capable than ever and growing at a rate that will sustain our company, employees, and critical stakeholders well into the future.

    Jeff Koch
    American Packaging Corporation


    APC's sustainability program is a fundamental part of long-term profitability and viability of our company and is a natural outgrowth of our Core Values. APC’s goals are to be accountable and responsible for our actions while remaining focused on improving the environment for future generations through, working with our employees, funding education support, continuing internal research, preserving natural resources, minimizing waste and continually evaluating our manufacturing operations and suppliers for efficiencies and reduction of environmental impacts.

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    TO VIEW environmental responsibility as an integral part of principled corporate citizenship and as an essential element in the products manufactured, materials procured and processes incorporated into our research and development activities.

    TO COMMUNICATE cost-effective solutions, technological advances, improved product performance and environmentally responsible developments to our valued customers.

    TO ENRICH our sustainability competence in the areas of reducing, renewing, reusing and recycling materials and all related byproducts.

    TO IDENTIFY ways to effectively integrate economic progress, social development and environmental concerns to ensure an improved quality of life for future generations.

    American Packaging Corporation Sustainability Overview
    • The overview outlines our activities and performance related to Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability.
    • Download the full report or use the links below to view individual sections.
    Download the Corporate Responsibility Overview

    Social Sustainability

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    Supporting the community

    APC partners with organizations in North America that reflect its sustainability, social, economic and environmental ideals.

    Economic Sustainability

    road in the mountains

    At the core of our long-standing success

    Our Engineered Laminations & Coatings Center of Excellence in Rochester, NY, strives to send zero waste to landfills.

    Environmental Sustainability

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    Stewardship of our local & global environments

    Invest in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future with packaging solutions from APC.

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