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    Market expertise & sustainability development for packaging solutions

    With more than 115 years of experience, we serve a broad base of customers throughout North America with a deep knowledge about the unique requirements of a wide range of markets. We recognize the distinct needs of the markets where we’re active and we recognize opportunities to transition technologies and processes in new markets. Our total commitment to providing more quality, more service, more value and more innovation makes us uniquely suited to support customers in numerous industries.

    Our manufacturing Centers of Excellence house our areas of expertise, each focusing on a specific process. This specialization—combined with our singular emphasis on flexible packaging—provides institutional knowledge, maximum efficiency, innovation and operational excellence. These benefits are passed directly to our customers in the form of nimble response times and effective solutions. This is why we say that, at APC, we deliver the total package.

    Pour It On

    Coffee, tea & APC

    Let’s meet over a cup and discuss what APC can do for you.

    Candy is dandy

    But with APC, you’ll get to market quicker

    Whether you call them sweets, treats or confections, we love candy.

    Cream of the Crop

    Fresh ideas for dairy & yogurt packaging

    We have the industry-specific knowledge and experience you need to succeed.

    Get Fresh With Us

    With packaging that preserves & sells

    Quick-to-market approach and streamlined processes mean you’re in the produce department faster.

    Freeze out the competition

    With red-hot digital printing

    We make it easy for them to pick your frozen products with our award-winning printing techniques.

    Got your grocery list?

    We have the packaging you’re looking for

    We’ll help you win the grocery aisle.

    Liquid Packaging

    We don’t mess around

    Designing and creating packaging for liquids is best left to the experts.

    Packaging Prescriptions: APC...

    The cure for your toughest challenges

    Trust APC for your healthcare, medical & pharmaceutical packaging needs.

    Let's get personal

    We care about your customers

    We create cosmetic & beauty packaging for organizations throughout North America.

    We love snacks

    And based on sales, so does everyone else

    APC provides effective packaging solutions for virtually any food product application throughout North America.

    Specialty packaging needs?

    We’ve got a package for that

    We pride ourselves on specialized packaging for a wide range of products for businesses throughout North America.

    They’re more than a pet

    So we put more into your packaging

    You’ll have the kind of packaging that will have retailers begging for more.

    Product Sustainability

    Our broad portfolio of flexible packaging solutions will help meet—and exceed—your sustainability goals

    Our broad portfolio of flexible packaging solutions will help meet—and exceed—your sustainability goals.

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